Dr. Eliso Kvavadze


                                                                                Dr. Eliso Kvavadze

Education: Doctore of Science in Palaeogeography in 1976; Habilitation of Science in Geology-Mineralogy in 1990
Current position: main researcher of Institute of Palaeobiology of Georgian National Museum, Str. Niagvris-Potochnay 4, Tbilisi 8, Georgia 0108
Research Interests: Vegetation history, palaeecology, palynology of arkhaeological sites, (especially caves and burials), climate change, human impact and activity, fluctuations of sea and lakes levels;
Memberships: from 1985 – Member of Georgian Society of Georgaphy, Membar of Society “Protect of Nature” in Georgia
Scholarships: 1970-1971 Lenin Scholarship (in Georgia).; 2000 – Mianowsky Scholarship (in Poland)
Projects: 1994-1995- Grant MXJ000 and MXJ2000 of International Science Foundation (ISF):”Bioevents in the georgian Late Cenozoic and their congruence with the changes of geographical environment” (coordinator L.Gabunia, Georgia)
1994-1996 – INTAS grant (No300) “The profiles of Holocene sediments in Georgia” (coordinator J-L. de Beaulieu, France)
1996-2010 – The Internatiomnla Project: Pollen Monitoring Programme in Lagodekhi Reservation (coordinator E.Kvavadze).
1997-2000 – International Project “Fossil flora of Poland and Georgia” (coordinator E. Kvavadze).
1997-1998- The evolution of vegetation and climate in Pleistocene, grant of Georgiamn Academy of Science (coordinator I. Shatilova).
1999-2001 – The main etaps of Eopliocenic vegetation development in western Georgia. grant of Georgian Academy of Science (coordinator I. Shatilova).
1996-2010 – The way of migtarions of modern Human, International Project ( USA, Israil, Georgia,coordinator O. Bar-Yzef, Harvard University).
2008-2010 – Transition from hunters gatheres to the first agricultural society in Georgia, grant 014-08 of Rustaveli Foundation (coordinator T. Meshveliani).
2009-2011 – The questions of Kartly people population ethnical state and changing of antrhopological type (from III mill. BC to XX cent., grant A-23-09 of Rustavely Foundation (coordinator L. Bitadze).
2010-2012 – The palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene and early Homo in Caucasus (southern-eastern Georgia, Dmanici site and Iori river site, grant No1-5/23 of Rustaveli Foundation ( coordinator D. Lordkipanidze).
Participation in Conferences and Symposiums: Participants of 7 Congress, 4 Symposium, 8 Workshop and 22 Conference
Publications: Author of 220 scientific papers and 5 monographs.


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